At NomadDigest we are interested in creating a unique discussion group, a group of dissimilar thinking individuals who can open their minds, are inquisitive, and who are passionate about learning. We hope to discuss a variety of diverse topics, with an approach that can satisfy our natural curiosity and lead us to greater understanding about the realities of our natural world.
This group is for anyone interested in thought provoking, intellectual and stimulating conversation. We define “Intellectual Thinkers” as anyone curious to learn more of what they don’t know, and who are willing to engage in open minded inquiry.
We meet in groups of around 6-10 members once a month to discuss a wide range of topics.  Each member can submit questions anonymously for discussion on our website.  Questions can be serious or light and can include current events, personal growth, health and nutrition, science, world ideas, and anything else that is on our members’ minds.
This environment should provide support for a variety of new immersive learning experiences through engaging topics and by gaining familiarity with scientific and philosophical concepts that have broken the mold and changed humanity forever. The close of the 20th century also solidified the idea of “emergence,” a profound realization that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We will look into ways to explore the intricate organization that underlies the science of biology, physics, math, and chemistry. The unexpected traits that emerge are generally something new and novel in and of themselves, and cannot be broken down into, nor analyzed solely in terms of their component parts. How are these traits to be understood and explored?
Our goal is to foster an environment in which members can explore the symbolic structures for understanding the natural world, learning from each other, and having a forum for the discourse of the domain of knowledge they seek to acquire. We do not encourage conformity, nor do we wish to squander time and energy on mental combat, or generally engage in discussions supported only by opinions that have little or nothing to do with learning