Roughly forty years ago, space biologists made a rather important discovery, which in our today’s world seems to be widely forgotten: When these scientists grew plants in atmospheres of artificial, “non-earthly” composition, their charges didn’t at all thrive best in common air, we all breathe on earth, but in an experimentally generated gas mixture. Tomatoes, flowers and other ordinary plants spread richest when the oxygen supply was reduced to slightly …

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Some Thoughts on Thoughts

Cybernetics and Biochemistry usually appear to be separate branches of modern science , don’t they? Well, due to a philosophical consequence of their results not nearly enough taken into account, they reveal their origin from the same mentality: Both disciplines ignore the borderline between dead and living matter which once had been considered to be obvious. The biochemist is unable to clearly mark the point where the chemical evolution of …

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Illusions Do Help!

This is not about our bodies physical feeling or sensations. So don’t worry—It’s safe to read on. It’s only about our daily life in a form of government we believe to be the best of all.

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