NASA Exposed: A Nother Fraud

NASA is a global warming data factory used by the U S as their credibal source of proof of climate change. Now, faced with too much contradictory information from published research, has actually admitted that there may be a link between the solar climate and the earth climate. Note: “there may be a link“. World wide research, specially in the last ten years, have pointed to the strong possibility that …

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The Changing Landscape of Reality

Ontology is the study of being, and the central topic of the field is couched, variously, in terms of being, existence, and reality. When philosophers study reality is’s called metaphysics. Although they have in the past discussed metaphysical questions from a purely conceptual standpoint, advances in science have forced a reevaluation of some traditional metaphysical views. The discovery of harmful bacteria causing disease, forced us to reassess how the human …

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Roughly forty years ago, space biologists made a rather important discovery, which in our today’s world seems to be widely forgotten: When these scientists grew plants in atmospheres of artificial, “non-earthly” composition, their charges didn’t at all thrive best in common air, we all breathe on earth, but in an experimentally generated gas mixture. Tomatoes, flowers and other ordinary plants spread richest when the oxygen supply was reduced to slightly …

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